Sekaiichi Hatsukoi

Author(s): NAKAMURA Shungiku

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 620th Comments



Volume 11Chapter 1-6
Ch 6 Onodera no Baai ~No....     Apr 27, 2017 Ch 5 Onodera no Baai ~24...     Feb 21, 2017 Ch 4 The Case of Onodera...     Oct 14, 2016 Ch 3 The Case of Onodera...     Mar 8, 2016 Ch 1 The Case of Onodera...     Feb 4, 2015
Volume 10Chapter 1-3
Ch 3 The Case of Kisa Sho...     May 18, 2015 Ch 2 The Case of Onodera...     Sep 9, 2014 Ch 1 The Case of Onodera...     Apr 8, 2014
Volume 09Chapter 1-11
Ch 11 The Case of Yukina K...     Jul 5, 2016 Ch 6 Onodera Ritsu no Baa...     Sep 9, 2014 Ch 4 The case of Yokozawa...     May 1, 2014 Ch 3 The Case of Onodera...     Dec 2, 2013 Ch 2 The Case of Onodera...     Apr 7, 2013 Ch 1 The Case of Yukina K...     Aug 3, 2013
Volume 08Chapter 1-6.6
Volume 07Chapter 1-5
Volume 06Chapter 1-4
Volume 05Chapter 1-5
Volume 04Chapter 1-3
Volume 03Chapter 1-2
Volume 02Chapter 1.1-2.5
Volume 01Chapter 1.1-8
Sick of feeling like he’s riding on his parents’ coattails, Onodera Ritsu quits his father’s publishing company (where he was a literature editor) and gets a job at Marukawa Publishing--only he ends up getting stuck in the crazy shoujo manga department, which happens to be populated entirely by male editors. Plus--the editor-in-chief happens to be none other than his old flame from high school! Also included among the various volumes are storylines following two of Ritsu’s fellow editors: Hatori and his longtime friend (and mangaka he’s in charge of) Chiaki, as well as Kisa and the attractive bookstore employee he has his eye on, Yukina. An extra novel follows salesman and longtime friend of Takano’s, Yokozawa, as he’s swept off his feet following a harsh breakup by attractive widower and single father Kirishima. This series is loosely connected to Junjou Romantica (by the same author), as characters such as Usami Akihiko and Sumi Ryouichi are mentioned a few times as authors, and Isaka Ryuichirou is a recurring character. Yokozawa's partner, Kirishima, also shows up as Takahashi Misaki's boss in Junjou Romantica. Trying to spot the connections is an adventure of its own!
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