Nijiiro Days (MIZUNO Minami)

Author(s): MIZUNO Minami

Status: Ongoing

Rank: 404th Comments



Volume 13Chapter 46-49
Ch 49 Adulting 101     Dec 30, 2017 Ch 48 Getting Your Girlfri...     Oct 23, 2017 Ch 47 Horrible Timing to S...     Oct 9, 2017 Ch 46 Sneaking Up to the R...     Aug 14, 2017
Volume 12Chapter 42-45
Ch 45 Getting a Pep Talk f...     May 31, 2017 Ch 44 Words Slipped Out To...     Apr 14, 2017 Ch 43 Like the Rainbow Aft...     Mar 27, 2017 Ch 42 When the Sky Doesn't...     Feb 25, 2017
Volume 11Chapter 39-41.5
Ch 41.5 Tsuyopon & Yukirin A...     Apr 25, 2016 Ch 41 The Waiting Game End...     Feb 15, 2017 Ch 40 Of Rewards and Reali...     Jan 1, 2017 Ch 39 How to Be the MVP an...     Nov 26, 2016
Volume 10Chapter 35-38
Volume 09Chapter 31-34
Volume 08Chapter 27-30
Volume 07Chapter 23-26.5
Volume 06Chapter 18.3-22
Volume 05Chapter 15-18.2
Volume 04Chapter 10-14.5
Volume 03Chapter 6-9.5
Volume 02Chapter 4.5-5.7
Volume 01Chapter 0-4
From Freewheeling Scans: Natsuki is teased for being a hopeless romantic, Keiichi disguises his sadism with an angelic grin, Tsuyoshi is an otaku who can't read the air, and Tomoya is a frivolous playboy who likes his archenemy. The rainbow-colored story of (sometimes dubious) friendship and (mis)adventures in love of these four boys who spend their daily high school life by having fun starts when recently-dumped Natsuki received a pack of tissues from a girl wearing Santa costume in the streets on Christmas eve.
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